Our Firm

Gibson Insurance, LLC is a specialty firm that has been offering life insurance products, life insurance consulting, and annuities since 1971. In a financial services world where most firms are trying to be multi-faceted, our firm focuses on expertise in insurance and annuities to provide a high standard of help, experience, and capabilities for clients and advisors that is uncommon for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Working with our firm is a unique experience for clients and their advisors, who benefit from our firm's focus. Our three associates have a combined experience of more than 127 years in the industry.

We are specialists rather than trying to wear many hats. This is different than a large percentage of the life insurance industry and such specialized knowledge and experience is very beneficial to clients and to their other advisors.

Of particular benefit to clients is that we have approval to work directly with a number of Chief Underwriters of the life insurers who know us well. This is in contrast to processing applications impersonally through a third party marketing organizations. Our trusted relationships with the actual decision makers is a big differentiator in helping clients to get the best offers. With one major insurer we are one of only 10 agents west of the Mississippi permitted to work directly with underwriters.

Relationships with decision makers are vital to the best interests of clients.